Please direct all booking inquiries to:

Rhino’s will need to know what bands you’re booking to play the event. We find that 3-4
bands (at least one of those being a Bloomington band) playing half hour sets works
best. Rhino’s provides a door person to collect money at the door and make sure
everything runs smoothly and a sound engineer.

Rhino’s keeps the first $150 of ticket/door sales or 40% of ticket/door sales, whichever
is more. So if the door brings in more than $375, then we’ll do a 40/60 split. If less than
$375 is made, Rhino’s will keep the first $150 of the door. The remainder of the split will
go to you to divvy out to the bands since you’re putting the show together. Shows are
typically $5.

Load in and sound check can happen as early as 6 pm, that’s when the door person
and sound engineer arrive. Events should end by 11:30 so we can have the club empty
by midnight. Events must be drug and alcohol free. If anyone is visibly under the
influence, they’ll be asked to leave.

Please let me know what time you’d like the show to begin and what time the doors can
open for patrons.

Rhino’s doesn’t have much of a built in crowd so we rely on bands for draw and
promotion, we find that shows have much better attendance when performers promote
to friends and family. Due to this, it works best if the person booking the show creates
the facebook page since you’ll likely know the most people who would attend and have
links to the bands online recordings. When you’re finished with the facebook event
page, please send me the link and I’ll add it to our Rhino’s social media pages and our
newsletter. We always share your facebook event on our facebook page, instagram
and weekly newsletter and also publish it to the WFHB local radio calendar.

Audio Specs

The Rhinos house audio system is a 24 channel, stereo biamplified system with approximately 9,000 Watts rated FOH output at 98dB 1w/1m sensitivity. It provides 4 monitor mixes, with 2 wedges/mix at front of stage, and 1+sub at drum position. 31 band graphics and system limiters are in place on FOH and all mixes.


Allen & Heath GL2400 mixing console
Alto CLE 8.0 8 ch compressor, typically inserted into subgroups
alesis eq-230 in sidechain of ch 1&2 of CLE 8.0 as frequency consciousness
2x Altogate 4 ch freq conscious expander/gate, available as channel inserts

EFFECTS, driven by console ‘B-mix’, returned to aux returns:
TCElectronic M-1
TCElectronic D-2


Console Aux 1-4 > 2x Alto EQ231LED > Alto CLE4.0(in amp rack) > 2x Crown CE1000 >
7 Cerwin-Vega PSX-122 + 1 Peavey Bandpass sub


8x Flown FR + 4x Stage-imbedded Subs
Console L&R > Behringer UltraDyne Pro > Behringer GEQ-3101 > Alto Altodrive 2.4(in amp rack)
FR, per side: Alto MAC 2.4 > 4x Cerwin-Vega PSX-153
Sub, per side: Alto MAC 2.4 > 2x Custom folded horn 18″, co-incident exit

24 ch stage snake, typcally 25-30x 25′ XLR cables available