Rhino’s, a division of the Harmony Education Center, is a place for teenagers to call their own. During the week, Rhino’s offers unique and engaging after-school programs that invites youth ages 13-18 to find their voice through creative media. On weekends, we host all-ages events: music shows, movies, plays, art exhibits and more. Rhino’s connects youth with adult mentors, art, music, inspiring media projects, community organizations, and other awesome kids.

Our mission is to provide entertainment and engagement for the youth of the Bloomington community in a safe environment, free from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The hours directly after school are when youth are most likely to engage in risky behaviors such as substance abuse, sexual contact, and other delinquent behaviors. Rhino’s serves the youth of Bloomington during these critical times by offering productive, creative after-school programs, free of charge to all youth ages 13-18.